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Appropriate Behavior in Libraries for Everyone (ABLE)

Updated 7 months ago

Appropriate Behavior in Libraries for Everyone (ABLE)

We are all ABLE to use our libraries because we work hard to protect Purdue.

1. Wear Your Mask: Face masks are required in all libraries at all times. And yes, we will be watching.

2. Spread Out: Sit at least six feet apart from others when studying or speaking to friends or staff.

3. Ghost the Group Study: Need to study with a group or complete a group project? Move it online. Use one of the many video chat services available to hold your group study sessions virtually. 

4. Browse the Internet, Not the Stacks: Physical library collections are closed to browsing. Use our online catalog to find what you need instead. Libraries staff will arrange for delivery or pick-up of physical books. Returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours. Remember- we have tons of e-resources, too!

5. Take Out Your Take Out: Food is PROHIBITED in all libraries. Take it outside, back home, or somewhere else where it is safe to remove your mask. Don’t forget to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before you eat.

6. Practice Safe Sipping: While food is prohibited, you may still drink beverages in our libraries provided you keep your mask on when doing so. You can do it- we recommend reusable straws (and a sense of humor) to master the technique! 

7. Swipe a Wipe: Before you sit down to study, grab a wipe (or two) from the self-service stations in all libraries. Thoroughly wipe down your seat, table or desk, computer, and anything else within arm’s reach. Time to leave? Repeat the process.

8. No Camping: Everyone deserves a safe, quiet place to study. Be generous to your fellow Boilermakers- if you’ve been studying in the same spot for hours while others are waiting, wipe down your area and give someone else a chance to study. You could probably use a break anyway. 

9. When In Doubt, Don’t Go Out: Wake up feeling a little sick? Stay home. If you must study, do so in the privacy of your home and not in the libraries. Respect yourself and others by following the Protect Purdue pledge.